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30-Minute Standing Crunch Abs: Core Strengthening Made Easy

Get Fit with Standing Crunches in 30 Minutes

We love this workout!! Why? Because it is super effective and easy. It will help to get you that leaner look on your obliques and flatten your tummy.

fit woman 30-minute standing crunch abs


When you think about abdominal exercises, most instruct you to lie on the ground, ideally with a yoga mat under your body. But if you’re in a crunch (pun intended) and only have your body and little space available, don’t fret. Standing abdominal movements are particularly useful at firing up those hard-to-reach areas of the obliques and lower abs without a single floor crunch.

If you have a bad back, neck, or anything that hurts when lying down, this is a great way to target your abs. The body’s core comprises stabilizing muscle groups in your neck, shoulders, back, and abdomen. Standing crunches engage them all. Standing crunches work your glutes. 

When practiced with proper form, standing crunches activate the glute muscles, which can help improve your balance and posture. The guiding principle should be that the more variety you can add to any core routine, the more effective your crunches will be.

Don’t have time for the video? No need to watch it. See below for more ways to flatten your tummy and shape your body for the beach.